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About Us

Nudagio offers the fashion-conscious lady timeless and endless expression of sophistication and elegance. Hailing from a family legacy of shoemakers, Nudagio represents proven experience and superior Italian craftsmanship and is built on transforming an everyday object into a perfect distillation of chic art, unique style, and unsurpassed comfort. The hand crafted creative sandal is centered on versatility to renew itself through the simple process of changing the jewels adorning it, depending on mood and situation.

The “Nudagio” brand exudes, in the personality of its design, underlining through the final product, the fusion of fashion and architecture, craftsmanship and poetry, tradition and innovation, function and aesthetics.

Nudagio is the perfect sandal to express yourself at the beach, at brunch, at date night, or for everyday style. Be the driver of your style with Nudagio!